María del Mar is a professional food stylist, art director, and cookbook author. Her work includes print commercial and editorial, cookbooks, TV commercials, and packaging. She came to food via film, photography, and fashion publishing. These diverse visual influences, as well as a keen interest in consuming both words and food, drive her styling aesthetic to be simple and elegant, always with a notion of storytelling via imagery and taste. 

María del Mar holds a B.S. in film production from Northwestern University, and graduated top of her class at the French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Center). She has worked at Lucky, Vogue, and America’s Test Kitchen where she learned to understand and manipulate image composition and food. 

Her culinary knowledge, paired with a voracious appetite and overall lust for color, texture, sound, and flavor allow her to successfully conceptualize and direct work in close collaboration with clients.

María del Mar is the author of Winter Cocktails , Summer Cocktails (Quirk Books/Random House), and The Quinoa [Keen-Wah] Cookbook (HarperWave). She works in Chicago, LA, and NY, but her bags are always packed!  

Follow her on Instagram @mdm_foodstylist and keep an eye out for #FrownyFranny 

"Soy puro pinolero, ¡Nicaragüense por gracia de Dios!"


Burger King, Cracker Barrel, Goodles, Harper Collins, Healthy Choice,  Kellogg's, Kerrygold, KFC, Kraft Heinz, McDonald's, Morningstar Farms, Oscar Mayer, Sargento, Subway, Tyson


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